Hear what some of our clients have to say

"Jessica S has treated my mare, with red light therapy and sports massage throughout the year.  I first called Jessica out to work on Poppy because she had issues picking up her canter leads without bucking. After the first session with Jessica, Poppy never bucked into the canter again. Jessica always spends a thorough ninety minutes working with my horse, which is great. She also assesses the horse  on the ground. Via online communication, Jessica was also able to work out some dietary requirements for Poppy.  The thing I love about Jessica is that she doesn’t boast. After every session with Jessica, Poppy improves under saddle.  Jessica always explains what she is doing, what she is feeling (eg, if there is a muscle knot, etc.) and explains what the red light does. The red light results on Poppy have always been instant, I never believed a light could relax a horse until Jessica came out and showed me.  I know she has a full depth of knowledge, not just in sports massage, but with overall conformation, joints etc.  I have never used anyone else to treat my horses since I have found Jessica. I would highly recommend her to anybody!
Charlotte Fry
The equine sports massage course is amazing! I can't believe how much I have learnt and how much it has opened my eyes. I have always wanted to work with horses and help them out in anyway I could, so when I found out that jess was running this course I was so excited because it was exactly what I wanted to do and it was here in perth! Jess is a fantastic teacher and does everything she can to help you out and to help you learn. The courses are always amazing and you learn something new every time. They are also hands on which helps you develop your 'feel' for different muscular things and also helps you visually see things that you wouldn't normally pick up. This a truly amazing course and I highly recommend it :)
Emily Andrews
I am currently doing the certificate course, and I can say with all honestly, it's the best choice I've ever made. I've always wanted to work with horses, and when I heard Jess (from equestricare) was offering this course, I literally jumped at the chance - so far, it has been amazing! I look forward to every single workshop!! We cover SO many subjects and different areas, and how it all ties in. It's hands on, and Jess has been fabulous - we get to ask lots of questions, and really get a 'feel' for it. I love the fact that I am learning with some super fun, and like-minded people - I've made so many good friends from this course alone, which is always a bonus :)
Whether you want to make a career out of it, or just for personal interests sake - I would recommend it. It's been one of the best moves I've ever made, and I don't regret a moment. I'll be quite sad when it's over - I love listening, learning, and doing the hands on pracs with such a fun group of people and amazing teacher :)
Jessica Salloway
Jess thanks so much for all your help and suggestions with Lucky. After your massages and suggestions she is going the best she has ever gone - much less like a giraffe on steroids and more liked a dressage pony. I really noticed a huge difference yesterday and today after her massage on Wednesday, so much looser and happy to travel to the bridle. Enjoy your maternity leave and everything it entails Terrina Fairbrother

A testimonial from student Maree Faint :)

"I treat race horses on a regular basis and some horses are extremely sore, the pain they are in is quite overwhelming. I would often take a deep breath and ask myself, "am I going to be able to fix this?".

I was not getting the results I desired so I was motivated to learn a different form of therapy. I contacted Jessica Blackwell  at "Equestricare", to come to Queensland to teach me her form of equine massage. Jess happily obliged.

During the massage course, Jess helped me to assess a horse in a way I was never taught before and it was pretty clear to me that the problem was coming from his sacraoiliac joint. As I was treating him I was thinking, "wholly dooly he is in bad shape, this will take a miracle". His whole back was going into spasms, and was as hard as a rock! It was as if he was trying to turn himself inside out during the massage. He was having huge reactions and twisting and turning at my touch. People would walk past & see the horses reactions and ask, "what are you doing to that horse!!"

He improved tremendously over the next week. I assessed him again to find only a slight tightness along his back. His muscles had become soft and subtle. I gave him a follow up treatment a week later, and now the problems have diminished.

I have treated a lot of horses with Jessica's technique and am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend anyone to learn Jess's massage style. It works for me! Ask the horses! Maree Faint