Hear what some of our clients have to say

I cannot thank Viki enough and would highly recommend anybody in using Viki’s services….”

“I am just amazed at how far my little paint mare has come after 2 treatments with Viki..
Viki found some old unknown injuries that may have contributed to our mares soreness after being broken in…
Already our mare is moving a lot more freely, trotting, and has minimal back soreness now, and above all she enjoys her time with Viki..
Viki is very professional, knowledgeable but above all kind and caring with our mare…
Our fears of our mare only being useful as a broodmare, have turned into hope that she will be able to be ridden and possibly shown again.
Robert O'Neill - Wizz Cal Floats

Jess, thank you for all the work you do on my horses. I know that when you have finished treating them, I have an understanding on what may have caused any of the issues you have found but also how I need to manage them going forward.The horses love your visits and I have no doubt that some of the results we have gained over the past couple of years are due to the work you have done on them for me.

Natasha Ellery - Trans Tasman Team Member

I can't recommend Jess enough!! I've been using Jess to check over and treat my horses for about 4years now. I'm convinced the work she did on my now retired warmblood gelding was the main reason he stayed as sound as long as he did. A few weeks after he was retired to the life of a kept paddock ornamnet he was unsound. So the fact he was sound and happy as long as he was is a testament to Jess and her skills.

She now visits my new mare every few months for a check over and it shows in how well she is progressing!

Jess also put me onto the value of the Thinline products. Anyone who is hesitant about their use i suggest you try a pair of the thinline insoles for your own shoes. I now have a pair of them in all my most used shoes and boots and they have helped my ankle/knee/back pains so much (i have had an ankle reconstruction and i broke my back in high school). If they work that well for me how can they not help my horse!!

Niki Cottingham

I have purchased so many products trying to find something that would allow my boy to open his stride up (he gets sore easily for he is long in the back and has a large stride) even with getting his back done. I never thought I would find a product to suit both of us. I have now the thinline boots which are the easiest boots to clean, the bridle which has made him so soft and giving and the best product the dressage numnah, i was looking for something for him but after 5 minutes I noticed the jarring feeling from his extremely bouncy trot had improved, felt alot smoother (for me). His movement has improved so much and now i am having to get used to forward instead of a constant hand brake.  Thank you so much :)

Kodee king

I have to share my joy with you guys, First of all, Jess was able to get me back in the saddle with her magic touch and her laser treatments, getting Dania sound again after 5 months of being lame (and that included a trip to Murdoch where they were unable to diagnose the lameness). So thanks Jess, you can't imaging how much it means to be to be able to ride her again.

Melody Semmler