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A strong, supple and healthy back is the ideal for every rider, just as it is for every horse. Management of the horse and rider as a unit is very important for optimal performance in the ridden horse, as the horse and rider must be in harmony to carry out even the simplest of manoeuvres.

Our backs are amazingly complex structures that allow, in the absence of injury or abnormality, a wide range of movement. It is this flexibility and movement that allows us to sit a trot or canter, stick to a cutting horse or jump 1.25m without inhibiting our horse’s natural abilities.

With the small movements possible in the back, we can learn to refine our seat aids. Subtle changes in the use of the back can create changes in the horse’s balance, speed and stride length.

If a rider is suffering with back or hip pain etc, he or she will undoubtedly be compensating for this in their riding position and therefore will be transferring the problem down through the horse, particularly if the injury results in altered weight bearing.

Lower back pain may cause a rider to lean forward in order to achieve comfort and this transfers more weight through the horse’s withers and this can restrict the horses shoulder movement. Consequently, the rider influences the musculoskeletal system of the horse, so can be the cause of a horses back problem, heaviness/stiffness of a rein/s, head tilt or lameness.


Leg length discrepancies can still remain even when you’re in the saddle. They may be evident when one stirrup is required to be longer than the other for comfort. The difference in stirrup lengths may also alter how the weight distribution is transferred to the horse and this may aggravate any existing problems the horse has or contribute to new ones. The difference in leg lengths also results in larger forces being transferred through some of the joints; these could include ankle, knees, hips and sacro-iliac (SI) joints. Prolonged compression through a joint will eventually lead to irritation and inflammation in that area.

It is vital that the rider has a good body alignment, balance and flexibility, in order to achieve efficient riding.

Unfortunately, to many riders backs suffer from injury, stress, or strain and if this is you Equestricare offers many products to help.

The Bio-nic pain control massager/TENS offers drug free pain relief.  With six different massage settings including Tapping, Acupuncture, Strike, Kneading, Cupping and Combination it is used for Pain Relief, Arthritis, Circulation, Muscle Fatigue and Injury, Toning and Muscle growth and recovery.


It is a handheld pocket unit that comes in 5 flash colours with two sets of pads and a charger.  We also sell a horse attachment.

A must have for anyone with any form of pain.

Thinline Pads

Ultra ThinLine is 3/16" thick and is a performance enhancing product for the rider. It still offers shock absorption and comfort for the horse, but with this pad, the rider feels more of the effect. Ultra ThinLine noticeably reduces lower back and thigh movement, allowing the rider to sit gaits with less effort and achieve a more stable position in the saddle. The result is a quieter ride with increased effectiveness of the seat and increased communication with the horse through a closer contact feel. Ultra ThinLine is endorsed by spinal surgeons for riders with sore backs and endorsed by top professionals and competitors for better performance both for the horse and the rider.


"My Thinline pads are a vital part of my kit - whether it be the breakers, performance horses or clients horses I won't ride without Thinline. My Thinline Contour pads provide the perfect protection and comfort for my horses without any extra bulk leaving me close to the horse and able to ride effectively, and with so many different types of horses in the yard I use my Thinline Trifecta pads with Shims to adjust the fit of my saddles for those tricky-to-fit horses. Since using Thinline I haven't had horse with a back problem and it most certainly helped get me on to the Australian Team for the Young Rider Trans Tasman 2009" –

Sophie Warren - WA Eventing Squad Member

Trot on to the Equestricare website to get any of these great pain reliving products.

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