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Perth, Australia, June 27th, 2013. Jessica Blackwell, a well know business entrepreneur in the horse industry of Australia has done it again.

After being named Telstra’s 2010 Most Innovative Business Woman at the 2010 Business Woman’s Awards, her business is once again a finalist. This time in the 2013 Telstra Business Awards.

“I think if you have passion, dedication and determination, then anything you set out to do is possible”, Jessica states.

Jessica owns and operates Equestricare, a multi faceted Equine Sports Therapy Business that offers Sports Therapy Services, Educational Resources, Workshops, a Certificate in Equine Sports Massage and a variety of Therapeutic Products for Horses. The business has been operating since 2006 and has increased in size ten fold since it’s conception.

Equestricare is leading the way for Equine Businesses with more then 13 Awards under their belts, at both state and national level, a feat not achieved by any other equine related business in Australia.

Jessica says she owes her success to her clients who have supported her since she initially set out to shake up an industry. “I couldn’t have done it without them, without the support of the people around me we would not be where we are today”.

We wish her all the best at the awards which are to be held on the 23rdof July at the Convention & Exhibition Centre.



If you would like more information please contact Jessica Blackwell or Equestricare at:

1300 378 768

37 Swanley St

Marangaroo WA 6064


Or Media Contact for Telstra, Jonathan Rose

0418 101 454

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