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How do I know what therapy is for me?

Someone emailed me today and asked how I knew which therapy to pick, and why are some better then others & what makes our course special!

I get asked this a bit so I thought I would include it here:

"I completely know where you're coming from as I myself was in the same boat with my own performance horses whilst at uni!

I actually studied Horse Massage at TAFE whilst at university so that I could keep my own horses pain free and supple whilst competing.  I really enjoyed it but never considered a career in it.
It was actually whilst I was doing my second degree that I did my thesis in Sports Therapies for Horses, because like you I felt that there were so many, how do you know what works etc.....
The conclusion I gained from this after looking at Massage, Bowen, Myofascial Release, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncture, Physiotherapists, MFR, Equine Touch etc  is that what it really depends on is the issue at hand and the practitioner.  I think that there are a lot of issues that suit certain therapies over others, and of course some practitioners just aren't any good!

After completing this study I believed that there was a huge gap over here in WA in the sports therapy industry and I set about getting experience in using different tools such as ultrasounds and cold lasers as well as qualifications in other fields of therapy such as bodywork, myofascial release and red light.  I set up my business and really focused on injury rehabilitation and performance horses.  Coming from a Biology background I have a very good grasp of anatomy, and how the cellular processes of the body work etc and I found this fascinating.  I had probably been treating horses for around 5yrs when it occurred to me that people regularly asked how they could do what I did.

I have studied at Murdoch Uni, Charles Sturt Uni, Marcus Oldham, and under Equinology, National College of Traditional Medicine, Dr Kellon, and TAFE (plus I have the curriculum's of other courses) and I was well aware as a practising therapist what the pro's and con's of each course were as far as real life skills go!  So I set about writing my own course that I hoped covered everything and then to get it approved.  Our course is approved by the IICT which recognises it for insurance purposes and also through the Equine Therapies Association of Australia which is just in the set up process."

Hope that helps a tad :)

Kind Regards

Jessica Blackwell Lloyd

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