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Core Body Strength Online Course

This quick little course comprises part of the Equine Stretching course, but you can do it as a stand alone if you like?

This course features:
* Introduction to Core Body Strength Slideshow
* Articles on Core Body Strength
* Core Body Strength Video
* Quiz
* Assignment
* Tutor assigned to you
* Certificate of completion 

 $14.99 (RRP $29.95)

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DVD - Horse Massage Techniques

This is a 40minute instructional dvd on massage moves, stretches and a good warm up and cool down routine for your horse. Professionally edited & produced in Australia.

ISBN 978-0-9871774-1-4 

 $19.99 (RRP $29.95)

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DVD - Tissue Mobilisation Techniques

Our new DVD is here!! 

This 45min DVD takes the viewer through palpation techniques, as well as a variety of specific Tissue Mobilisation techniques aimed at mobilising the poll, shoulder, knee, spine, pelvis, hip, stifle and hock. 

And for a limited time it's at a special introductory price of only $14.99 so get your copy today!!

ISBN 9780987177414

 $14.99 (RRP $24.95)

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ebook - 16 Stretches for Suppleness

This 24 page full colour ebook written by award winning equine therapist Jessica Blackwell,  looks at 16 stretches to help keep your horse supple.  These stretches focus on mobilisation techniques, balancing techniques, and core body strength techniques and walk the reader through the why we stretch, the aim of the stretches and the steps to perform them.  An essential read for any rider or trainer.

 $9.99 (RRP $19.95)

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