Equine Therapeutic Products

Equestricare only brings you the very best in therapeutic products we have tried and love

Equestricare is devoted to bringing clients the best therapeutic equipment in order to increase our horse's performance, decrease recovery time and stimulate injury repair and healing.

We sell only products that have been tried and tested and approved by our team of consultants.

Equestricare stocks products for the general horse owner as well as the therapist working in the horse industry. For more information on the type of products click here

If there is a product you are chasing that we do not stock, please contact us and we will endeavour to source it for you, or alternatively try Equestrian Professional Australia

Products we stock include:

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"I have purchased so many products trying to find something that would allow my boy to open his stride up (he gets sore easily for he is long in the back and has a large stride) even with getting his back done. I never thought I would find a product to suit both of us. I have now the thinline boots which are the easiest boots to clean, the thinline bridle which has made him so soft and giving and the best product the Sheepskin ComfortPad , i was looking for something for him but after 5 minutes I noticed the jarring feeling from his extremely bouncy trot had improved, felt alot smoother (for me). His movement has improved so much and now i am having to get used to forward instead of a constant hand brake. Thank you so much :)" Kodee King As an endurance rider, I am always concerned about the amount of wear & tear that my horses legs are subject to during training, travel and competition, and what I can use to aid in the recovery of this. After using several different products & items available on the market, I was introduced to the Back On Track Quick Wraps and have quickly discovered how fantastic they are. Not only are the boots lightweight and easy to use, the fact that they reduce the swelling in the legs so quickly is nothing short of amazing! These boots played a vital role in ensuring swelling was kept to a minimum during our 3 day journey across the Nullabor for the Trans Tasman, with my horse arriving looking more like he had just got on the float rather than travelled half way across Australia. We absolutely love the Back on Track blanket!! It's versatility, means that it is used on all of our dressage, endurance, games and show horses before, during and after competition to help maintain their muscles. The Back On Track Therapeutic Horse Blanket works so well it was instrumental in getting a rider to a competition, when the physio said competing would not be possible. Sundale Arabian Stud