Equine Conditioning and Fitness



Is your horse coming back from spell, or rehabilitating from an injury??


Do you want to bring them back to work in the right way??


Equine conditioning is working on getting your horse fit for whatever job you want them to do. It involves fitness assessments of your horse (heart and respiration rates, body condition score) and working on improving your cardiovascular and muscular fitness of the horse. Though specific exercises can be used to help you do this, such pole work, they are a means to an end. Once your horse has a base level of fitness for everyday riding



Viki Flint from Ebony Equine Fitness contracts to Equestricare and provides individually tailored equine fitness programmes to help you get your horse back into work or competition ready. These programmes are designed to help you improve your horses overall level of fitness for the job you hope to do with them, such as trail riding, eventing or dressage. They concentrate on improving the cardiovascular health and muscular strength of the horse as opposed to gymnastic skills training. If your horse has a specific issue, such as a previous injury or a condition, the fitness programme will be designed with that in mind.


A fit horse is a well-prepared horse for competitions or everyday riding, both physically and mentally, and the fitter your horse is the less likely he/she will become injured


It is a little like having a personal trainer for your horse! 


Contact Viki today at viki@equestricare.com.au / 0488 082 273