Exercise Physiology

With a background in science, Exercise Physiology is one of our biggest passions

Exercise Physiology is:

  • The study of the cellular and chemical responses of the horses body to exercise
  • How we can condition these systems resulting in increased efficiency and better performance

At Equestricare we are interested in Exercise Physiology as it helps us to understand and develop fotness in our horses, and reduces the chances of injury.

It is important that we as riders and trainers, understand a bit about the horse's systems and their response to exercise so we are better able to develop fitness and conditioning programs that give our horses the greatest chance at success.

Here at Equestricare, we understand that a lot of the literature on Exercise Physiology can be quite daunting if not of scientific mind. Therefore we have developed a program that is targeted specifically at you, and developing an exercise physiology program that meets your personal needs.

Equestricare Exercise Physiology Program Includes:

  • A Questionnaire covering details about your horse, your goal, the sport you participate in, the length of time you have, and the facilities you have a available to you.
  • A 24 page ebook with general information about Exercise Physiology
  • An 8-12 week Personalised Program developed especially for you and your horse based on the sport you participate in, your goals, the time frame you have and the facilities available to you.
  • Special Sport Specific additional report on the sport that you participate in.
  • Core body strength exercises e-book

Plus online support for any questions you might have whilst undertaking the program.

If you are rehabilitating your horse from an injury, we are also able to develop a program for this based on the type of injury, the vet recommendations and the facilities you have.

To purchase this program contact Equestricare on 0407 850 033 or mail@equestricare.com.au

We also have available two e-books available for purchase separately here

Exercise Physiology
  • Core Body Strength for Horses - A 22 page e-book. Core Body Strength for Horses is a pictorial guide about what core body strength is, how to develop it plus different stretch exercises for your horse. Includes 18 different stretches with instructions and pictures. A must read for anyone looking to develop suppleness and strength in their horse.
  • Exercise Physiology for Horses - A 24 page e-book with information on all the horse's main body systems, conditioning your horse, strength training, suppling and more!! An easy to understand read with essential information for getting your horse fit.