Director - Jessica Blackwell

BSc, Grad Cert Mgt, Dip HBM, Cert Herbal Med, Cert Equine Sports Massage (Level II), Cert Tissue Mobilisation,  EEBW, MFR, ERLT


Jessica Blackwell hails from a scientific background, but has a love for horses and Equine therapy.  Jessica has been a competitive rider since 1995 and has also been involved in breeding and rehabilitation.

She has multiple qualifications in the Equine therapy field (Sports Massage, Bodywork, Myofascial Release, Red Light Therapy, Tissue Mobilisation, Taping and Reiki) and has also done extensive study in Biomechanics, anatomy and exercise physiology.  She has been fortunate to have trained under some of the worlds best including: Dr Barb Crabbe, Dr Eleanor Kellon, the late Dr Kerry Ridgeway, Gillian Higgins, Ruth Mitchell-Golliday, Sharon May Davis, Di Jenkins and more.

Jessica has been a full time professional equine therapy practitioner since 2005 utilising not only her hands on techniques but also a range of other tools including ultrasound, infrasound, photonic therapy, microcurrent therapy, taping and more.  She has been teaching since 2008 and has guest lectured at many events.

She was also commissioned in 2012 to write the new manual and online course for Equissage and has published two books and two DVD’s on Basic Horse Massage Techniques and Tissue Mobilisation for Horses and was one of the first published horse massage DVD’s for a female in Australia.

She has also been honoured with numerous awards for Equestricare including Telstra’s Most Innovative Business Woman of the Year and runner up Young Business Woman of the Year, and Marcus Oldham’s first ever female Graduate of Excellence.


Therapist & Lecturer - Ros Maindok ESMT, ERLT

Accredited Coach, Cert in Equine Sports Massage, Cert Tissue Mobilisation Techniques, Diploma Bowen Therapy (Human and Equine), ERLT, MFR, Reiki Level 1

Ros is our resident Red Light and biomechanics guru!  With a background in pony club coaching and Rider Biomechanics, she has now turned her love to looking at the horse.  Ros has a special love for anything red light, acupoint and meridian based and has trained under some of the best including Dr Kerry Ridgeway, Di Jenkins, Ruth Mitchell-Golliday and Sharon May Davis.

Ros is qualified in Equine Sports Massage, Bowen Therapy for Horses and Humans, Bodytalk for Animals, and Equine Reiki and has also studied Myofascial Release, Red Light Therapy, Equine Raindrop Technique, TTOUCH, and gait analysis and is currently studying Equine Biomechanics under Jean Luc Cornille (Science of Motion)and Biokinetics under Dr Renee Tucker.   

Lecturer - Kerri Gibbs ESMT, TMT

Accredited Coach, Cert in Equine Sports Massage, Cert Tissue Mobilisation Techniques, Trimmer

Kerri Gibbs is qualified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and Tissue Mobilisation and also does equine touch and hoof trimming and has studied Red Light and Emmett Technique.  

She hails from a 13yr background in the agricultural industry with 3yrs as a training instructor.  Kerri has also studied under Jim Masterson, Gillian Higgins and Sharon May Davis and is keen to learn as much and from as many people as she possibly can! 

Lecturer - Viki Flint ESMT

BA (Hons), MA, Cert Equine Sports Massage, Cert Tissue Mobilisation Techniques, Equi-Tape Practitioner

Viki hails from a background in education, lecturing at university in the UK (MA).  Being in the horse industry for the last 30 years, she has now put those teaching skills to use by teaching our Certificate in Equine Sports Massage.

Viki has her own business Ebony Equine Fitness where she writes fitness and conditioning programs for horses, and works for Equestricare as one of our lecturers.  Viki is a qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, and currently studying Equine Physiology at the University of Guelph.  She has also studied under Sharon May Davis and Gillian Higgins.

Therapist -  - Jessica Salloway ESMT

Certificate in Equine Sports Massage, Red Light Therapy, Reiki Level 2



Jessica Salloway is our newest recruit.  She is qualified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and Level 1 Reiki and is currently studying Bowen Therapy and Equine Nutrition.  She has a passion for looking at the horse holistically, and has attended courses with Sharon May Davis in dissection and biomechanics as well as attended hoof care courses and studied under Dr Kerry Ridgeway and Dr Eleanor Kellon.

Jess offer massage and red light therapy and soon will be offering microcurrent therapy.  She can be contacted at or on 0403 969 529