oLorraine Testimonial
I'm currently completing the Equestricare Sports Massage course and I’m LOVING it!
Id previously gone to a couple of Jess's short workshops and got hooked on them! (I ended up doing every single workshop or clinic that Jess had actually run!) I was learning SO much to just help my horses, and started to really piece together an understanding of how the horse works together as a whole! It REALLY opened my eyes to things I hadn’t even really considered before! And Jess made it all so easy to understand and relate to that I was starting to actually UNDERSTAND things like anatomy, conformation, sore muscles and everything! I was one of the ones bugging her to actually run a professional course and as soon as she mentioned it was finally in the making I signed up!
Through Jess & Equestricare and this course I’m constantly learning and understanding more and more and REALLY enjoying it! I’m totally addicted to conformation & anatomy now! When I started I didn’t have much of an idea about all the fancy scientific names and terms but Jess makes it so anyone at any level can start picking it all up! She’s happy to answer my billion-and-one questions at ANY time (and I *always* have plenty LOL) and has leaders in all the different connecting professions as speakers and everything and who are also all REALLY supportive! So at the end when we get our certification we have a multitude of different directions that this can all lead us in! It’s also opened my mind to opportunities down different avenues than I had originally never even considered!
And the best part about the course is that you’re not learning by yourself! There are people doing the course and ALL different parts of the equestrian world so we are learning from each other as well! AND we’re all making fantastic friends and study partners!
If you want to ask any questions from a student or anything, feel free to send me a pm on here or email (bubblez86@live.com.au) =)