Maree Testimonial

A testimonial from student Maree Faint :)

"I treat race horses on a regular basis and some horses are extremely sore, the pain they are in is quite overwhelming. I would often take a deep breath and ask myself, "am I going to be able to fix this?".

I was not getting the results I desired so I was motivated to learn a different form of therapy. I contacted Jessica Blackwell  at "Equestricare", to come to Queensland to teach me her form of equine massage. Jess happily obliged.

During the massage course, Jess helped me to assess a horse in a way I was never taught before and it was pretty clear to me that the problem was coming from his sacraoiliac joint. As I was treating him I was thinking, "wholly dooly he is in bad shape, this will take a miracle". His whole back was going into spasms, and was as hard as a rock! It was as if he was trying to turn himself inside out during the massage. He was having huge reactions and twisting and turning at my touch. People would walk past & see the horses reactions and ask, "what are you doing to that horse!!"

He improved tremendously over the next week. I assessed him again to find only a slight tightness along his back. His muscles had become soft and subtle. I gave him a follow up treatment a week later, and now the problems have diminished.

I have treated a lot of horses with Jessica's technique and am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend anyone to learn Jess's massage style. It works for me! Ask the horses!