Studemt Testimonial 2

"When the opportunity came along to train with WA’s most highly regarded and knowledgeable equine massage therapy business, I didn’t hesitate to enrol and it has not disappointed.

The workshops were always in-depth and interesting, and were also presented in an easy to understand format. The workshops covered a range of topics, from saddle fitting to nutrition to horse/rider biomechanics, all with the aim to help us be the best therapists we could.

Any questions we had, and as Jess always said to us ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question’, we threw at Jess and she always helped us through the situation. Jess is 100% committed to helping and supporting us, the students, throughout the course.

I am so grateful that Jess made the certificate available to the people of WA, as I am now living my dream and working as an equine sports massage therapist, with thanks to Equestricare for making this opportunity accessible.

I would highly recommended the course and workshops, to anyone interested in making their dreams come true or just expanding their equine knowledge."

Alyce Merton - WA Class of 2012