Student Testimonial
"Three years ago I was looking for a course to expand my equine knowledge and came across a course run by Equestricare called Basic and Intermediate Equine Massage. Having had Jessica Blackwell Lloyd out to treat my horse and discovering he had a sore poll and back, I decided that if I could manage to learn these techniques I might be able to help my own horses.

I thoroughly enjoyed the horse and learnt so much, I had previously had some exposure to equine massage before in the UK, but this was in a completely different league. After I completed the course, I tried to use the techniques I learnt on my own horses and horses in my care. They all seemed to enjoy their massages and definitely benefited from them.

In 2011 I started looking for a more in depth course I could enrol into, but to my dismay found most of the courses based over East, on line without any practical’s or ones focusing on racehorses. I continued searching for a course until in 2012 I received an email from Equestricare regarding the Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certificate. After a lot of investigation and making sure I had the funds available, I enrolled on the course and never looked back!

During the course I have learnt about Equine anatomy, conformations, horse and rider biomechanics, equine nutrition, different massage techniques and tools as well as expanding my knowledge on Equine Physiology and Fitness. I thoroughly enjoyed the course; every workshop was fun and a revelation. I also made new friends on the course, all of whom have been supportive of each other and make a good team. All the course work was well set out and challenging enough to make me study hard. Every time I did more revision or attended another lecture or workshop I learnt even more.

The course helped me decide what I wanted to do in my future career, set up my own business specializing in Equine Fitness as well as treating horses by massaging them and using red light therapy. The course gave me the tools and techniques to enable me to do this and I received all the support I needed to enable me to complete this course and set up my own business. The highlight of the course was passing my practical examination and being awarded my certificate in Equine Sport Massage Therapy with other graduates. I now run Ebony Equine Fitness providing equine fitness programmes and have the pleasure of working with Equestricare providing Equine Sports Massages and treatments.

I highly recommended the course to anyone who owns a horse, rides a horse, looks after them, or would like to make their career an equine based one."

Viki Flint - WA Class of 2011