Tegan Mullins
I first got Jessica out because my thoroughbred Cash was having some problems. I posted for some advice on a horse page and Jessica offered to come out and take a look at him. The first day she came out my boy was not in the mood to stand still, let alone have a massage! Jessica gave him a quick look over for confirmation issues and got me to trot him up, then spent a very long time (and a LOT of patience) calming him down and massaging out his sore points. She gave me some great stretches to do with him and I found an immediate change in him. I then had her out every second week for a while. When I discovered he had head shaking syndrome Jessica gave me some great advice and told me about her own experiences with one of her horses who suffered from it. What I love most about Jessica is that every time I've had her out she's talked to me and shared all of her knowledge, as well as dealing with my boy and all of his problems! She's always been so patient and caring with him that I would never get anyone else out!