Testimonial 13

As an endurance rider, I am always concerned about the amount of wear & tear that my horses legs are subject to during training, travel and competition, and what I can use to aid in the recovery of this. After using several different products & items available on the market, I was introduced to the Back On Track Quick Wraps and have quickly discovered how fantastic they are.

Not only are the boots lightweight and easy to use, the fact that they reduce the swelling in the legs so quickly is nothing short of amazing! These boots played a vital role in ensuring swelling was kept to a minimum during our 3 day journey across the Nullabor for the Trans Tasman, with my horse arriving looking more like he had just got on the float rather than travelled half way across Australia.

We absolutely love the Back on Track blanket!! It's versatility, means that it is used on all of our dressage, endurance, games and show horses before, during and after competition to help maintain their muscles. The Back On Track Therapeutic Horse Blanket works so well it was instrumental in getting a rider to a competition, when the physio said competing would not be possible.