Testimonial 9

Our two thoroughbreds are stabled at night and turned out during the day. They spend approximately 12 hours in their stables and 12 hours out in their paddocks. Their stables are fairly generous and allow for certain mobility but it became apparent that the stabling (and so immobility) at night, was causing fluid to pool in their lower legs. Come morning, the pooling was quite noticeable but it would gradually disappear after 15 minutes or so after being turned out in the paddock or when exercised (with a long, long warm up as neither horse is a 'spring chicken'). However, on the days that the horses were transported to events or were confined to smaller yards during the day and night (my daughter events both horses and so they are often contained in float yards for long periods) the pooling was very noticeable.

Jess suggested we try the Back on Track Quick Wraps, to try and reduce the swelling. She recommended them, not only because their ability to reduce swelling but also because they were quick and easy to use - a bonus when using them on a regular basis. The Wraps have been amazing! No more pooling of fluid in their lower legs. We use them every night; we sometimes use them as float boots and we make sure we pack them when we head off to any event. We use the Wraps during the day at events when the horses have to stand around for long periods, when they stand overnight in yards and particularly before they go out and compete. From a 'stable-hand's' point of view, ie, my point of view, they are easy to put on, easy to take off, easy to wash and definitely worth the investment! Thanks Jess!