Thinline Performance Products

Thinline is the best protection for your horse on the market today.

Thinline Half Pad

As used by National Show Horse Rider/Trainer Jodee Hadley Mathews

 As used by 4* Eventer Jess Manson

ThinLine is ½"thick and offers the most impact protection for the horse. What the rider will notice: the horse is happier and more willing to work, is more free in the shoulder and lifts his back. ThinLine is a good choice when first starting a horse, working a horse hard or for beginner riders. ThinLine has enough tensile strength to distribute weight evenly over areas where the saddle may not fit perfectly.

Black or White (please specify when ordering) 

 $125.00 (RRP $135.00)

(+ postage: $)

Thinline Leather Dressage Girth

  • Breathable
  • anti-microbial
  • no-slip/no-rub ThinLine lining makes this the best girth to keep your horse comfortable and your saddle in place. Plus it's easy to clean and very durable! The girth has elastic in the middle with roller buckles on both ends.
  • Girths come in 55cm - 80cm not all stock available.  65cm IN STOCK

 $199.00 (RRP $249.00)

(+ postage: $)

Thinline Leather Jumping Girth

Beautiful European manufactured leather girth lined with Breathable, anti-microbial, no-slip/no-rub ThinLine. ThinLine lining keeps your horse comfortable and your saddle in place. This girth does not slide, bunch, or pinch your horse's skin.

  • Easy to clean and very durable!
  • No need for sheepskin: dirt will not stick to ThinLine.
  • Horses never have a skin reaction to ThinLine
  • Keep them cool and comfortable so they can perform better

On the outside, fashionable great looking leather. Against the horse: what they care about, comfort.

 $189.00 (RRP $199.00)

(+ postage: $)

Ultra Thinline Contour Pad

As used by FEI Dressage rider Shona Nelson
Ultra ThinLine is 3/16" thick and is a performance enhancing product for the rider. It still offers shock absorption and comfort for the horse, but with this pad, the rider feels more of the effect. Ultra ThinLine noticeably reduces lower back and thigh movement, allowing the rider to sit gaits with less effort and achieve a more stable position in the saddle. The result is a quieter ride with increased effectiveness of the seat and increased communication with the horse through a closer contact feel. Ultra ThinLine is endorsed by spinal surgeons for riders with sore backs and endorsed by top professionals and competitors for better performance both for the horse and the rider.

Black or White, Medium or Large (please specify when ordering)

 $155.00 (RRP $160.00)

(+ postage: $)

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