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Certificate in Tissue Mobilisation

This is a practitioner level course taught by Jessica Blackwell.

 Prerequisites are completion of either an equine anatomy or bodywork course (we do offer online bridging courses)

Tissue mobilisation involves the application of manual techniques such as pressure, compression, bending, longitudinal gliding, cross fibre work, kneading, stretching and rolling the tissues - the purpose of which is to stretch and release the soft tissue of the body.

Module 1 - Equine Anatomy: Soft Tissues & Skeleton
Module 2 - Equine Evaluation & Palpation
Module 3 - Introduction to Tissue Mobilisation
Module 4 - Techniques: Atlanto-occipital junction, shoulder, carpus, spine, pelvis, hip, stifle, hock.

On completion of the course graduates will be qualified in Tissue Mobilisation for Horses

As this course is accredited by the Equine Therapies Association of Australia (ETAA), and the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT) graduates will be able to take up membership in the ETAA and IICT and receive access to insurance etc.

This course offers combined delivery options of self guided and guided study via distance and online education as well as a four day practical placement.

We are very flexible with our training options, especially for those eastern states participants, so if you have any questions at all please contact us at

2017 Dates
  • BRISBANE, QLD, 31st July - 2nd August
  • SWAN VALLEY, WA 18th - 20th September
  • WAGGA WAGGA, NSW 7th - 9th October

 $1,100.00 (RRP )

(+ postage: $)

Certificate in Tissue Mobilisation Deposit

This deposit enables you to access your theory and secures you a place on the practical once payment is completed in full.

 $550.00 (RRP )

(+ postage: $)

Whole Horse Dissection

Three day Dissection - with Sharon May-Davis.
This is a workshop not to be missed by ANYONE.. absolutely fantastic, an experience you will always remember.

Whole horse dissection; this is an exploration of one side of the horse - 
This workshop will cover:
• Basic neurology
• Musculo-skeletal system – complete half side of the horse discussing muscle; origin/s, insertion/s, function/s and relationships
As part of the journey we reveal the problems that the horse had, its individual qualities and potential restrictions within the structure. 
• Joint pathology
• Fascia
• Ligaments
• Palpation and range of motion is also investigated

On the final day the horse is turned and the joints explored as a comparative.
It looks at the differences between text book diagrams of muscle location and the reality of what is really under the skin.

Early Bird 2020 Fee: $595 inc morning/afternoon tea and manual
Non refundable deposits are available to secure your spot if you cannot pay upfront, these will be off the full fee of $695. Please email

 $595.00 (RRP $695.00)

(+ postage: $)

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